Pizza Crust Dough

This is the best Homemade Pizza Crust I have ever made! I believe it is because it is made with 00 flour, so don't use regular flour. Very yummy!

Recipe by Ray Gallucci


1-1 1/4 C Warm Water 2 tsp Sugar or Honey

3 1/2 C 00 Flour 1 tsp Salt

2 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 tsp Yeast


Food Processor or Kitchen Aid

1. In a measuring cup add 1 cup warm water, sugar/honey, olive oil & lastly yeast.

2. Let stand 5-10 minutes till foamy.

In Food Processor or Mixer

3. Add flour & salt.

4. Add mixture & mix.

5. Dust with flour and form dough ball.

6. Place in bowl coat with olive oil.

7. Cover with saran wrap.

8. Let sit 1 hour and push down.

9. Let sit another hour and use or refrigerate.

This if enough dough for 2-3 pizzas. Roll out to desired thickness and use desired toppings.

You can freeze extra dough if needed. Roll in ball; wrap with saran wrap and put in freezer bag.

*I cook my pizza at 450 for 10-15 minutes or longer if I want crispy. It is extra good if you heat the pizza stone first and add a little cornmeal before putting the pizza on.

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