I so look forward to Spring and the opening of the Farmer’s Market! I love to go to the Farmer’s Market, and here’s why:

  • The produce is fresh and delicious! It is normally picked the day before or the day of market and nothing can compare to the taste. You cannot find this kind of fresh and delicious in the local grocery store.

  • The produce is local. This means that it doesn’t have to be picked before it is actually ripe, losing nutritional value, so it can be transported 100’s to 1000’s of miles. For me I would rather eat something that has ripened on the vine, as intended, than ripened in a truck! It is also grown in my environment where it has perfectly- created nutrients for my specific climate and region

  • I get to meet the farmer. I have the opportunity to find out how they tend to their fields and grow their produce. I can ask questions if it is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. For me this is a big deal. I do not want to be eating produce that is covered in chemicals. That kind of defeats the benefits of eating produce☹

  • I get to support the farmer and help them grow their business and livelihood. This just makes me feel good knowing I am helping someone else!

  • I eat Seasonally. It is local, fresh and not imported which means there is more nutritional value. This also helps the soil, which is a whole other topic.

  • There is great variety.

  1. An amazing variety of fruits and vegetables.

  2. Farmers who bring fresh grass-fed meat (not jacked up with steroids) and fresh eggs from free range chickens.

  3. Local honey.

  4. Vendors who make fresh jams and jellies.

  5. Vendors who bring beautiful flowers that are grown locally.

  6. Vendors who make their own soaps.

  7. Vendors who make organic dog treats – which my dog loves!

As you can see, there are many reasons I love to go to the Farmer’s Market, but most importantly, it is just fun! It’s family friendly! You have the opportunity to meet people in your community and feel connected with the world around you. Overall, it is healthy for your body, mind, and spirit! So, get your family and your dog and head to a Farmer’s Market this weekend! You can thank me later😊

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